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New Internet2 Land Speed Records Set

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – April 26, 2006 - Internet2 today announced that an international team set a new Internet2 Land Speed Records (I2-LSR) in the IPv4 and IPv6 single and multi-stream categories. As an open and ongoing competition for the highest-bandwidth, end-to-end networks, Internet2 LSR awards represent the fastest rate at which data is transferred multiplied by the distance traveled.

For the IPv4 record, a team from the University of Tokyo, the WIDE Project, Chelsio Communications, JGN2 network, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, NTT Communications,
APAN, Fujitsu Computer Technologies, IEEAF, CANARIE, StarLight, SURFnet, SARA, and the University of Amsterdam collaborated to create a network path over 30,000 kilometers in distance crossing eight international networks and exchange points. In doing so, the team successfully transferred data at a rate of 8.80 Gbps which is equal to 264,147 terabit-meters per second (Tb-m/s).

Dr. Kei Hiraki, professor at the University of Tokyo and LSR team leader said, "While previous IPv4 record setting attempts were limited by the PC's internal bus, this latest record setting attempt demonstrates that the bottleneck has moved out of the PC and back into the network infrastructure. In doing so, this record may be the last I2-LSR IPv4 record that uses 10Gbps networks because any other attempt would require at least a 10% increase over the previous record which would exceed the maximum capacity of the networks."

For the IPv6 record, the team created a path over 30,000 kilometers in distance crossing five international networks. The team transferred data at a rate of 6.96 Gbps. Achieving a mark of 208,800 terabit-meters per second (Tb-m/s).

Hiraki added, "As we continue to learn more about IPv6, we have been able to leverage new networking technology called 'receiving side pacing' to increase the stability of network. These new techniques enabled us to increase the record by 10% and will hold enormous promise to help ensure increased performance for IPv6 networks for the future."

The record setting team was presented with official awards for the Land Speed Records at the annual Internet2 Spring Member Meeting held this week in Arlington, VA.

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