Pacific Northwest Gigapop

Network Services

Advanced Networks for Research & Education


The Core service allows an organization or network to become a member of the Pacific Northwest Gigapop wide area-network (WAN), which is comprised of all PNWGP participants. As a member of this regional wide-area network, traffic between your organization and any of the other PNWGP participants (including Pacific Wave participants) passes over PNWGP's high-speed and low-latency backbone rather than over a paid commodity connection. By keeping this critical traffic local within the region there will be a savings in time (the packets get to their destination more quickly) and money (fewer packets crossing paid commodity ISP connections).

Pacific Wave

Enabling National R&E Networks and U.S. federal agencies to engage in best-in-class research, the Pacific Wave International Peering Exchange is a joint project of the Pacific Northwest Gigapop and the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC).

Pacific Wave's wide-area advanced networking facility is designed to provide research and education networks throughout the Pacific Rim and the world with access to separate but interrelated state-of-the-art peering exchange, Science DMZ, Software Defined Exchange (SDX), and Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities.

Pacific Wave

Commercial Internet

The Commercial Internet services delivered by the Pacific Northwest Gigapop are designed to offer exceptional availability and performance to complement the high speed research and education network connectivity.

Supporting each commercial internet connection delivered by PNWGP to our participants are multiple tier-one, international internet carriers, peering capacity, and interconnects at points around the Pacific Northwest and the U.S., all leveraging PNWGP's ongoing load-balancing, and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Cloud Connectivity

In addition to private high-speed access to many cloud providers via direct peering included in the base Core service, Pacific Northwest Gigapop is also pleased to offer participants customized private cloud connections to numerous cloud providers. Providers available for direct private interconnect include Amazon Web Services DirectConnect, Epic Systems Cloud EHR, Google Cloud Interconnect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute (including GovCloud), and more. These services complement traditional Internet access by providing dedicated bandwidth and a deterministic route for private traffic flow from a participant's network to the cloud provider. We look forward to discussing each participant's unique cloud access needs and the available physical interconnection points for service.


Internet2 is a high-performance, next-generation, testbed and research network created, managed, and operated by Internet2. Entities qualified by Internet2 may connect to the network through Pacific Northwest Gigapop or other regional connectors. Participants connecting to Internet2 with PNWGP benefit from our multiple physically diverse 100 Gbps interconnections to the backbone.



Pacific Northwest Gigapop offers limited colocation to participants at core node locations. Fore more details on service availability please contact us.

To learn more about any of our services, or inquire about colocation for participants, please contact us.