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New Internet Speed Records Set

University of Tokyo Team Set New Performance Threshold for Long-Distance Data Transfer Using IPv4; Caltech and CERN Team Set New Mark Using Next Generation Internet Protocol

Arlington, VA -- May 4, 2005 -- Internet2 today announced that two separate international teams have each set new Internet2 Land Speed Records (I2-LSR) in both the IPv4 and IPv6 categories. As an open and ongoing competition for the highest-bandwidth, end-to-end networks, Internet2 LSR marks represent the rate at which data is transferred multiplied by the distance traveled.

IPv4 Single and Multi-Stream Record

A team from University of Tokyo, the Japanese WIDE Project, Chelsio Communications, Fujitsu Computer Technologies, LTD, NTT Communications, APAN, JGN2, SURFnet, CANARIE, IEEAF, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, StarLight and Universiteit van Amsterdam has set a new record in the Internet2 Land Speed Record (I2-LSR) competition in the IPv4 category.

The new records in the IPv4 Single-Stream and Multi-Stream categories were set by transferring 7.21 gigabits of data per second (Gbps) across a network path spanning a distance nearly three-quarters the circumference of the Earth - 30,000 kilometers long. The data traversed the WIDE, APAN, JGN2, IEEAF, CANARIE, SURFnet, and Abilene networks. Achieving a mark of 216,300 terabit-meters per second (Tb-m/s), the team surpassed the existing Single-Stream record by over 66,000 Tb-m/s and the previous Multi-Stream record by over 30,000 TB-m/s.

The team utilized an "Inter-layer coordinating optimization" technology developed by the Data Reservoir project at the University of Tokyo and used 10 Gbps Ethernet adapters with TCP offloading capabilities by Chelsio Communications.

For more information about the IPv4 record-setting attempt, see:

IPv6 Single and Multi-Stream Record

Using the next generation Internet protocol IPv6, a team from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and CERN set a new mark in the I2-LSR's IPv6 Single and Multi-Stream categories. The team set the record by transferring 5.11 gigabits of data per second (Gbps) across a network path of more than 14,000 kilometers. The mark of 72,225 Tb-m/s nearly doubled the previous IPv6 mark. The record was set with the support of the National Center for Data Mining (NCDM), Cisco Systems, and Neterion.

For more information about the IPv6 record-setting attempt, see:

Both record-setting teams received awards at a special ceremony held during the Internet2 Spring 2005 Member Meeting - May 2-4, 2005 in Arlington, Virginia. Details of past winning entries, complete rules, submission guidelines, and additional details are available at:

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