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2012 Chinese American Networking Symposium (CANS)

Pacific Northwest Gigapop, Pacific Wave, and the University of Washington are honored to host the 2012 Chinese American Networking Symposium in Seattle.  PWNGP, Pacific Wave and UW have built extensive partnerships with many institutions in China.  We are confident that the symposium will greatly enhance relationships among our colleagues in the United States and China.

Since 1999, this annual event brings together leading networking experts from the US and China to share cutting-edge technical knowledge and information on state-of-the-art networks, and best practices for managing advanced international networks. CANS continues to foster creative collaborations among educational and research institutions. The symposium brings together technology partners from both nations to spur innovation, new ideas, and further the beneficial uses of global networking and infrastructure deployment.

PWNGP, Pacific Wave and UW are thankful for the tremendous support of the National Science Foundation, Internet2, and other generous symposium sponsors to make this year's event the best ever! The planning committee is working hard to ensure that our discussions and collaborations expand our research and scholarly activities and strengthen institutions on both sides of the Pacific.