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TransitRail on the Move: OneNet Joins and Sees Extraordinary Results

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON and CYPRESS, CALIFORNIA, USA- December 5, 2006 - What does a major regional research & education network do when it must continue to affordably meet the burgeoning demand for commodity Internet bandwidth?  In the case of OneNet--Oklahoma's telecommunications and information network for education and government--the answer was to connect to TransitRail, a reliable, extensive commodity peering initiative designed to support the research and education networking community. 

Rather than continuing to buy additional, expensive commodity circuits, OneNet easily connected to TransitRail through its National LambdaRail’s (NLR) point of presence in Tulsa, thereby leveraging an existing infrastructure with extraordinary capacity and capabilities.  In less than a week, roughly 60% of the traffic on that segment transferred immediately to TransitRail thereby relieving potential contention on their commodity circuits.

James Deaton, OneNet's Chief Technology Officer stated “We expected to see maybe 100-200Mbps of traffic migrate to TransitRail. Instead, we were especially pleased to see roughly 500Mbps of traffic take the TransitRail path. Frankly, without this affordable TransitRail option, our end-users would have continued to utilize greater amounts of high cost backup commodity Internet connections while new services were negotiated with a commercial vendor. As it is, TransitRail put us in far better shape than we hoped."

"TransitRail was a logical solution to enable us to stay one step ahead of increasing demand," said Kurt Snodgrass, Vice Chancellor for IT and Telecommunications for the Oklahoma State Regents.  "Based on the favorable TransitRail experience of R&E groups such as CENIC, Pacfic Northwest Gigapop, Front Range Gigapop, and Pittsburg Supercomputing Center, we were confident that we would see a substantial amount of our commodity traffic move to TransitRail. The actual results, however, far exceeded our expectations."

TransitRail is an AUP-free national commodity peering program for research and education networks. TransitRail is operated by CENIC and Pacific Northwest Gigapop. Current nodes are located in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Sunnyvale. Additional nodes in Chicago, Illinois and Ashburn, Virginia are under construction with planned activation during the first part of 2007.

TransitRail's broad U.S. footprint to Chicago and Ashburn will be connected by 10Gbps waves provided by National LambdaRail (NLR). Each TransitRail node will be connected to, and accessible at, NLR points of presence throughout the United States.

TransitRail peers with major Tier1 ISPs and Internet content providers.

Its current participant base represents a substantial segment of the research and education community within the United States. TransitRail is available to any interested R&E network groups.

Both peers and participants are expected to grow significantly as TransitRail continues to expand its operations.

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