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First 10 Gigabit Connection from U.S. to Europe Dedicated to Research and Education to be Inaugurated at iGrid2002

HDTV and other high bandwidth applications supported

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - September 19, 2002 -- The first long-term, transatlantic 10 gigabit per second wavelength circuit dedicated to research and education, provided by Tyco Telecommunications to the Internet Educational Equal Access Foundation (IEEAF) and provisioned from the U.S. to Europe through the efforts of Internet2 and SURFnet, will be inaugurated at iGrid2002 with a demonstration of uncompressed HDTV over IP sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Gigapop and the Research Channel.

The connection is provided as part of a long-term commitment by Tyco Telecommunications to the research networking community through an agreement with the non-profit organization IEEAF. Internet2, the consortium led by U.S. universities focused on accelerating the development of the Internet, and SURFnet, the Dutch national research network and hosts of iGrid2002, have put the 10 gigabit per second circuit into operation between their networks in New York and Amsterdam.

The transatlantic connection was established in time to support iGrid2002, the biennial International Grid applications-driven testbed event being held this week in Amsterdam. iGrid2002 showcases how extreme networks combined with application advancements and middleware innovations can advance scientific research. One of many applications showcased, the 1.5 Gbps uncompressed HDTV stream from Seattle to Amsterdam used the new Tyco Telecommunications link.

The 10 Gbps connection is made possible by a five-year commitment by Tyco Telecommunications to the IEEAF, a non-profit organization whose mission is to realize the opportunities in the global telecommunications marketplace on behalf of the research and education community. "Our goal is to enable 'The Global Quilt,'" says IEEAF Board Chair Don Riley, VP and CIO, University of Maryland. Tyco Telecommunications has also provided a companion 622 Mbps packet over SONET (POS) circuit to the IEEAF.

Geographic Network Affiliates International (GEO), which has played a pivotal role in the Tyco Telecommunications donation to the IEEAF, will be present at iGrid2002 promoting the Global Medical Research Exchange (GMRE) initiative, a worldwide application that exemplifies the collaborative capabilities of the Grid for high bandwidth utilization of IP for medical purposes.

The Internet Educational Equal Access Foundation (IEEAF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to obtain donations of telecommunications capacity and equipment and make them available for use by the global research and education community. Through partnerships and alliances between government, private sector entities, educational institutions, and other non-profit organizations, IEEAF fosters global educational collaboration and equitable access to network resources, calling this "The Global Quilt." IEEAF's member institutions include the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC), represented by California State University at Hayward, California Politechnic University at San Luis Obispo, and University of Southern California; the Pacific Northwest Gigapop, represented by University of Washington; the Pacific Internet2 Coalition, represented by University of Hawaii; University of Maryland; the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID); Indiana University; and Geographic Network Affiliates, Inc. (GEO). For more information about IEEAF, visit

Tyco Telecommunications (a Tyco Electronics Company) of Morristown, New Jersey is one of the world's largest providers of advanced broadband communications solutions. The company deploys and sells secure city-to-city capacity and collocation and data center services on its global fiber optic network (TGN). The company's portfolio of network services ranges from international city-to-city broadband capacity to collocation and data center services. Tyco Telecommunications is also the world's only fully integrated supplier of transoceanic optical networks. For more information on Tyco Telecommunications and TGN, contact Andy Kowalik at 973-656-8331 or visit the Tyco Telecommunications Web site at: Tyco Electronics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tyco International Ltd. (NYSE: TYC; LSE: TYI; BSX: TYC).

SURFnet operates and innovates the Dutch national research network, to which over 150 institutions in higher education and research in the Netherlands are connected. To remain in the lead, SURFnet puts in a sustained effort to improve the infrastructure and to develop new applications to give users faster and better access to new Internet services. SURFnet is partner in GigaPort, a project of the Dutch government, trade and industry, educational institutions, and research institutes which aims to give the Netherlands a head start in the development and use of advanced and innovative Internet technology. Established within GigaPort, the advanced optical infrastructure NetherLight is used by researchers to investigate novel concepts of optical bandwidth provisioning and to gain experience with these new techniques. For more information, see and

Led by 200 U.S. universities working with industry and government, Internet2 develops and deploys advanced network applications and technologies for research and higher education, accelerating the creation of tomorrow's Internet. Internet2 recreates the partnerships among academia, industry, and government that helped foster today's Internet in its infancy. For more information about Internet2 see

ResearchChannel is a collaborative partnership of research universities and centers dedicated to broadening the access to and appreciation of their individual and collective activities, ideas, and opportunities in basic and applied research. ResearchChannel uses content, content creation, and manipulation processes as a workbench to test materials for their future analog and digital broadcast and on-demand multimedia offerings, providing an unusual opportunity to experiment with new methods of global distribution and interaction. ResearchChannel distributes research information 24x7 via satellite, direct-broadcast satellite (EchoStar's DISH Network), cable TV, webcast, and an on-demand library. For more information, see

Pacific Northwest Gigapop is the Northwest's Next Generation Internet, Internet2/Abilene applications cooperative, testbed, point of presence, and home to the Pacific Wave International Peering Service. PNWGP and Pacific Wave connects together high-performance international and federal research networks with universities, research organizations, and leading edge R&D and new media enterprises throughout Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Canada, Australia, and Japan. For more information, visit

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