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University of Washington extends its Internet2 Pacific Northwest Gigapop (infrastructure) to Portland

Time Warner Telecom Delivers Optical and IP Services to the University of Washington and Streaming Media Technologies -- University of Washington extends its Internet2 Pacific Northwest Gigapop (infrastructure) to Portland. -- Streaming Media Technologies Distributed Media platform rides Time Warner Telecom's fiber and IP networks.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - January 22, 2002 - Time Warner Telecom Inc. (Nasdaq: TWTC), a leader in providing metro and regional optical broadband networks and services to business customers, today announced contracts with the University of Washington and Streaming Media Technologies, Inc. to provide fiber and IP services.

"These two competitive contract wins show the diverse applications that Time Warner Telecom offers," said Keith Hall, general manager for Time Warner Telecom Seattle. "Meeting these customers' needs shows our ability to support next generation technology applications through our fiber-based network solutions."

"Selecting vendors is always a rigorous procedure for the University of Washington," said University of Washington Associate Vice Provost Jacqueline Brown. "In addition to rigorous technical requirements that must be met, we scrutinize each vendor's reliability, history, responsiveness, technical competence, and the extensibility of their network offerings. Time Warner Telecom came through this analysis with high marks."

The University of Washington's Pacific Northwest Gigapop is the point of presence for the Internet2 Abilene research and testbed gigabit network. Time Warner Telecom's OC-3 network connection joins Pacific Northwest Gigapop facilities in Seattle and Portland and extends the Internet2 point of presence to both cities. This circuit allows the research and education community located in the Portland area to make their connection to Internet2 locally. This new connection offers data flow protection not previously implemented between these two cities. The result is greater Internet2 reliability for the Gigapop partners in Portland.

This circuit connects the Portland Research and Education Network with other Pacific Northwest Gigapop partners such as Microsoft Research, the Defense Research & Engineering Network, Children's Hospital, the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, and the Australian Academic Research Network.

Time Warner Telecom, with its robust nationwide IP backbone, also provides high capacity IP connections for next generation digital media platforms. Streaming Media Technologies, Inc. provides the management, encoding, storage and distribution of digital video, audio and images across the world for its customers. The Company is integrating a Time Warner Telecom OC-3 IP network connection, operating at 155 Megabits per second, as a foundation for its streaming media services.

"Time Warner Telecom was the one company bidding on this job that has a stable foundation, cutting edge network architecture, and a national footprint that fits well with our future expansion plans," said Jason Turner, CEO and president of Streaming Media Technologies. "Our business requires a great deal of bandwidth and our customers expect flawless service. Time Warner Telecom was able to provide us with both."

About Time Warner Telecom Inc.
Time Warner Telecom Inc., headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, delivers "last-mile" broadband data, dedicated Internet access and voice services for businesses in 44 U.S. metropolitan areas. Time Warner Telecom Inc., one of the country's premier competitive telecom carriers, delivers fast, powerful, and flexible facilities-based metro and regional optical networks to large and medium customers. Please visit for more information.

About Pacific Northwest Gigapop (PNWGP) & Pacific Wave
Pacific Northwest Gigapop is the Northwest's Next Generation Internet, Internet2/Abilene applications cooperative, testbed, point of presence, and home to the Pacific Wave International Peering Service. PNWGP and Pacific Wave connect together high-performance international and federal research networks with universities, research organizations, and leading edge R&D; and new-media enterprises throughout Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Canada, Australia, and Japan. For more information visit and

About the University of Washington
The University of Washington is one of the world's top research universities. Perennially among the top three American institutions in peer-reviewed research activities and related competitive contracts and grants, and with numerous top ranked programs, the UW is a university which truly embodies the ideals of "Learning @ the Leading Edge"TM. For more information visit

About Streaming Media Technologies, Inc.
Streaming Media Technologies (SMT) offers a secure Web-based geographically Distributed Media Management Platform enabling customers to manage, store, reformat/encode, and distribute digital media (video, audio, and images). The SMT Distributed Media Management Platform is revolutionary in addressing issues in dealing with the management of digital media and provides an integrated, easy to use solution to its customers. Customers and market sectors who benefit from SMT's platform include media companies, film studios, wireless providers, telecommunications companies, cable companies, video on demand providers, universities, Fortune 2000, government, financial companies, audio subscription companies, medical and geospatial imaging companies, as well as content providers. For more information please visit

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