Pacific Northwest Gigapop


Network Performance Measurement

PerfSONAR is a collaboration between R&E networks, including Internet2, ESnet, Geant, and RNP, that aims to create a mesh of nodes to measure network performance and ease troubleshooting between networks. PerfSONAR includes a suite of tools to monitor and measure network performance.

PNWGP operates two PerfSONAR nodes –

  • is the throughput monitoring node. It is connected to PNWGP’s core routers at the Westin building at 10Gbps.
  • is the latency measurement node. It is housed at the University of Washington and is connected to a CDMA-derived time source to provide accuracy to within 10 microseconds.

PerfSONAR provides two performance monitoring tools for users: NDT and NPAD. Both tools perform a series of TCP tests designed to find bottlenecks and misconfigurations on the path between the client and server. Both require a web browser with Java enabled, although command-line clients are also available. Further documentation on the tools can be found on the page for each tool.

PNWGP participants are encouraged to deploy perfSONAR in their own networks for performance monitoring. If you have a server, please consider joining the TLPW PerClub community to make it easier for other PNWGP participants and regional partners to find you and share experiences and highlight issues with PerfSONAR deployments in the field.

If you have questions about the perSONAR server or test results, please contact the PNWGP NOC.